Technological innovation

Technological innovation is basically associated with new product development and new process innovation, act and initiatives of launching new devices, methods or materials for commercial and practical applications. It is one of the most critical competitive drivers in many industries such as information and communication technologies, high technology manufacturing and life-science. Deep analytics explores miscellaneous issues of top technological innovations today such as dynamics of innovation, innovation strategy, and implementation process; the impact of globalization of markets and advanced information and communication technologies, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, flexible manufacturing system, economic feasibility, economies of scale and short production run; technology life cycle, technology diffusion; social, environmental and economic effects, negative effects of technological changes; R&D fund allocation strategy; pace, advantages and disadvantages of innovation, critical success factors, causes of failure; cost optimization and differentiation. Technological innovations are essential to create new business models. But, many innovation projects fail to make a profit due to various reasons such as scope creep or ill-defined scope analysis.

Published on: 9/18/19, 10:29 PM